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How to relieve back pain without surgery

Join Dr. Russell Teames of Desert Brain and Spine and learn about how to relieve back pain without surgery with the latest technology in nonsurgical spinal decompression.

Dr. Teames is going to present this material live and answer your questions.

January 24th at 12:30 Az Time

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Dr. Russell Teames, DC, DACNB

Dr. Teames has been a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist through the American Chiropractic Neurology Board ( since 2013. Chiropractic Neurology training focuses solely on the nervous system which includes the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.

In addition to mastering functional neurology, he has extensive study and experience with patients in the field of spinal rehabilitation and nonsurgical spinal decompression. Because of the rigorous amount of hours of study and travel to conferences around the world, you will find that he is able to offer above and beyond what most doctors offer.

Dr. Teames has also completed a post-graduate fellowship program in diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of mild traumatic brain injury and concussion through the Carrick Institute, logging more than 1000 hours of study in this field and helping many patients with concussion and traumatic brain injury.

While attending Life West, he attended the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies and focused his time on learning chiropractic neurology (functional neurology). He spent thousands of hours of study in neurology in addition to his chiropractic curriculum. He served as the president of the Functional Neurology Club for more than 2-years, leading students and local chiropractors to a better understanding of the neurological and metabolic systems of the body.

Dr. Russell Teames at Desert Brain and Spine

Dr. Teames focused on kinesiology and health and wellness in his undergraduate education before attending Life Chiropractic College West in the Bay Area in Hayward, CA. Upon completion of his Doctor of Chiropractic licensing, he sat for a rigorous specialty of Chiropractic Neurology that requires more than 300 hours in clinical and functional neurology.

He is an Arizona native, having been born and raised in Chandler, Arizona where he attended Corona del Sol High School.

about us

Created to help you get your life back

Desert Brain and Spine was created by Dr. Russell Teames to help as many people as possible reduce and eliminate back pain.

Fixing back pain without surgery is simple but not easy. We use the latest technology to decompress the spinal bones so you can stand, move, sit, and lie down with ease.

We created the SpineRESET program, the most comprehensive, nonsurgical spinal decompression program in Arizona. We are rated "the best" by our patients who have discovered that their back pain could be fixed without surgery.

Change your approach to back pain

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what our awesome patients say

I took a chance coming in from out of state for the intensive program Dr. Teames offers. In our two phone consultations beforehand, I was impressed how he listened and then had me run blood work that my team of doctors here had overlooked. It led to a significant finding which greatly influenced my treatment going forward.

Once I arrived, I continued to be impressed. The amazing thing is that Dr. Teames completely looked at me as a whole – my brain, my body, and my biochemistry. He listened intently and compassionately, providing insight on symptoms I have been dealing with for decades - chronic and acute pain, vertigo, tingling in the hands and feet, etc. He is passionate about what he does, and related to me genuinely without any arrogance or condescension. He was extremely knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with the multiple symptoms I had and how those symptoms affected my mind and body.

What I also liked is that from day one there were neurological and physical exercises I could do to help myself. These were all based on data he got from the neurological testing he did. He continued to tweak these as needed.

One wow moment that first day was that with just a couple of techniques he used, I was able to lift my arm up to 80%, which is crazy! Before that I had been to two months of physical therapy for my locked shoulder with very little improvement.

I left Desert Brain And Spine with a plan including exercises that I will continue, as well as how to use my practitioners here. Just as importantly, I left there with hope and a belief that I will continue to feel better and resolve my symptoms.

Connie F.

100% Happy Patient

Dr. Teames has been a lifesaver for us. My 14 yr old daughter has severe and complex TMJ due to bite issues and two past concussions. She was in level 7-10 pain all day. We had spent almost 15k seeing dentists, orthodontists, and TMJ specialists, doing PT twice a week, and using multiple supplements and medications to treat her. She was making no progress in her treatment. We finally came to see Dr. Teames and he very quickly narrowed down what her brain, neck, and eyes were doing and needed. In the first week of treatment with Dr. Teames, she had her first progress with the dental splint that was stabilizing her joints (she had worn this device for 4 months with no improvement). Over the next two weeks, her pain finally started to come down. He gave her exercises to do at home that helped strengthen her eyes so much that she could finally get through a full day of school.

Our only regret is that Dr. Teames wasn’t the very first doctor we saw. Because it would have saved us about 9 months of treatment and thousands of dollars.

Dr. Teames is also so friendly, and knowledgeable, and always made my kid really comfortable. We drive over an hour both ways, twice a week to see him, and if we lived out of state we would have flown in! He’s the best there is!

Highly recommend.

Carrington B.

100% Happy Patient

I went to Dr. Teames for some back pain, neck pain, and mostly dizziness that I was experiencing. He helped me out in my very first treatment and I walked out of his office already feeling better! He gave me exercises to perform at home to continue improving between visits.

I really enjoy the fact that he performs tests and relies not only on my feedback but actual data. I have improved tremendously over my time with him. He helped me get rid of my dizziness as well as helped me with my anxiety.

Ryan W.

100% Happy Patient


Frequently Asked Questions

Well, many of our patients see amazing results, but the term healing can be misleading. While we wish we could heal every patient who walks through our door, we must abide by evidence-based practice, and provide the absolute best treatment for the findings we have.

While other offices may provide spinal decompression, we are the only office in Arizona to offer spinal decompression and combine it with neurological and physical rehab for each individual’s findings. The brain controls all the muscles of the spine, and if we neglect the brain when considering spine injuries, it leaves room for these issues to return. We don’t take those chances and we rehabilitate the entire person from top to bottom.

Many patients begin seeing results in a few days to a week.

No, you do not need a doctor’s referral to see us. Chiropractic physicians are considered a point of entry and primary physicians in Arizona.

We do not take or bill any insurance at Desert Brain and Spine. Our office policy at Desert Brain and Spine is to collect cash or credit card payments at the time of service.

We are located in the Arcadia area of Phoenix at 4222 E Thomas Rd, Suite 330 Phoenix, AZ 85018